June 24, 2021



Screenflick – Record gameplay or screen on a mac


Screenflick record gameplay or screen on a mac. You could also be using the preinstalled QuickTime software. It is great for recording the screen. If you want to record the sound as well, thats where it starts to get tricky. QuickTime doesn’t have an option for that out of the box. You need to install Soundflower to be able to record the sound from any game or other application you want the sound from.

An easier approach to the whole process is to buy Screenflick from Araelium. You can download a trial version to play with first. The only difference between the licensed version and trial version is that the trial version put a watermark on your video. However any recordings done with the trial version will have the watermark removed when you buy the full version.

Screenflick also helps you with installing the Soundflower, and use the correct settings to record any sounds. It also helps you with using the webcam if you want to put any recording of your self into your gameplay videos. All from a easy to understand control panel.

The price of Screenflick is only $29, and worth every penny if you are into screen or gameplay recording on a mac. And no I’m not affiliated to Araelium in any way. Doesn’t get a penny from them no matter what. Here is where you can download Screenflick.