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Some of the resources I use and visit on a regular basis, and can recommend to others. I’m not affiliated with any of those resources in any way.


Mobile Free To Play – A Master class in mobile design.


120 free graphics resources – Freelancers graphic designer free resource library.
Canva – Free (or paid if you use premium assets) Facebook Cover designer.
CG Channel – Community for Entertainment Artists
Google Material – Design guide from Google.


Android in a Box – Android emulator. Runs Android apps
FS-UAE – Amiga emulator for most platforms.
Tiki-100 – Emulator and some software.
Vice – C64/128, Vic 20 and PET emulator for most platforms.
Virtual II – Apple II emulator


*Massive game engine list – 50+ game engine with links and info.
Construct 2
– Graphical programming tool that can compile to Html 5 (web, Facebook, Chrome store), Desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux), IOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.
Corona SDK – An SDK based on Lua for developing 2d games for Html 5 (Web, Facebook, Chrome store), Kindle, IOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.
– A Graphical programming language in this engine. Compiles for flash, standalone & mobiles.
Unity 3d – A 3D engine with c# as language. Compiles for web, standalone, mobiles & consoles.


CoolText – Free text graphics generator
– Free for personal use, 100%, donationware, freeware, etc.
– Free for personal use, a license needs to be bought for commercial use.
MyFontFree – Lots of free fonts.

Game Assets

Dev Assets, Brackeys – Some free and some pay what you want assets.
Game Assets Directory – By Andre Antonio Schmitz
Game Development Assets – By David Acrilla
Procedural Worlds Blog – Curated list of over 200 free Unity3D assets.
Scirra Store – Lots of reasonably priced game assets.


Blender – Free 3D modeling software.
Flaticon – Lots of free icons
Game Art Guppy – Small but high-quality game graphics. A lot of free stuff and the rest is very cheap. – Free animated Gifs
GraphicRiver – Huge graphics collection. Some of the stuff is an ok price. Part of Envato Market.
Icon Archive – Huge collection of free icon size graphics, in Ico and png format.
MakeAppIcon – Create all the different icon size for App Store and Google Play from one picture.
Mineways – Free, open source, Minecraft world exporter. Import to Blender, Cinemad4D, etc.
OpenClipArt – More than 65,000 open clip arts.
OpenGameArt – Lots of free 2d game graphics.
Pixabay – Free high-quality pictures you can use anywhere.
Pixeden – Free and paid graphics
The Noun Project – High-quality icons and graphics. Credit the artist in your project.
Unsplash – Free beautiful photos.
V-Play list of 16 graphics sites – Free graphics directory


Power Supply Calculator – A power supply calculator from CoolerMaster.

Online tools

Call me Shirley – Call me xxx punch lines.
Cryptocurrency cap – Cryptocurrency market values.
Game Idea Generator – A funny game idea generator. Maybe you find your next game idea here.
JSONLint – JSON Validator
MakeAppIcon – Create all the icon sizes you need from one icon
Split Gifs – Ezgif, split gif files
TinyJPG – Compress JPG and PNG files.

Operating Systems

Debian – The universal operating system. Rock solid Linux distro.
Kali – Debian based Linux for penetration testing.
Ubuntu – Popular Debian based Linux.
Linux Mint – A solid desktop Linux distro, based on Ubuntu and Debian.


Small Seo Tools – Free SEO Tools
The App Store Optimization Bible
– What the title says

Retro Games Archives

Hvetebolle: Vintage Computing – Retro stuff, Apple 1 DIY, Electronics
The Games Archives – Huge retro game archive, console games, C64, Amiga, Apple II, etc

Security & Internet

Ip Abuse DB – Check and report IP abuse.
KitPloit – Pentest tools and articles
– Free online port scanner. An online version of NMAP.
whoisology – More Than Reverse Whois Lookups. Deep Connections Between Domain Names & Their Owners.


Text Optimizer – Optimize your text for SEO.

Software – Online diagram software.

Sound & Music

Freesound – Huge collection of free sound effects
V-Play list of 19 free music sites – Music site directory


PDF Drive – Free books, fiction, and non-fiction
Hacking with Swift – Free and paid tutorials.
iOS Revisited – Swift and iOS tutorials
Learn Git – Visually git learning site. FREE!
Sarcrates – Young talented programmer teaching Swift programming for free
– Online courses, free and paid courses.


Twine – Open source writing tool for non-linear storytelling.

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