wordpress page not found

WordPress page not found after changing permalinks

Permalinks are a critical aspect of a WordPress website’s structure, providing user-friendly URLs that enhance both SEO and user experience. However, occasionally, WordPress users encounter permalink issues…

install php ziparchive

Install PHP ZipArchive for Debian

PHP ZipArchive is a file archive for zip compression used by many web applications and plugins. How to install PHP ZipArchive for Debian is an easy task….

debian apache log

Debian Apache log file analyser

Debian Apache log files contain tons of useful information about your web server and websites. Here I will show how to install GoAccess to help you get…

ssh upload www

ssh upload www folder

ssh upload www Ssh upload www. Note this article is for Debian based Linux distributions. Several web designing tools offer ssh or sftp uploads to your site…

Apache – Disable libwww-perl access

libwww-perl access blocking Libwww-perl access is often used by botnets and other nasty softwares to scan your site for vulnerabilities. Luckily it is quite easy to block…

Apache – Disable directory browsing in Debian

Disable directory browsing If you have directory browsing enabled, which it is by default, your users can browse the directories on your web server. This is not…

Apache – Turn off server signature

Having your server include a signature at the end of a web page can be a security risk. So turn off server signature before someone target your…

Debian 8 – Site does not exist

Site does not exist Did you upgrade to Debian 8 and got Site does not exist? I recently upgraded one of my web servers from Debian 7…

WordPress change permalink gives error 404

If you change your permalinks from default to something else, and it gives you a 404 error. Chances are the rewrite module in apache2 is not enabled….

Debian – Add sftp access for users to your Apache website folder

If you try to transfer files to your website folders (as a user) with FileZilla or any other sftp software, you most likely get write: permission denied….