January 18, 2021



Debian 8 – Site does not exist

Site does not exist

Site does not existDid you upgrade to Debian 8 and got Site does not exist?

I recently upgraded one of my web servers from Debian 7 to Debian 8. I was going to re-install it anyway and figured this was a good opportunity to try out Debian 8. I did my usual steps to install a basic LAMP server, and everything went fine. Until I got to the part where I was putting in my domains into sites-available. I already had the config files, so I knew they were working (at least on my Debian 7 server).

When I ran a2ensite example.com (I used a different domain of course). I got the message Site does not exist, or ERROR: Site example.com does not exist! to be specific.

After running around on different web sites I finally found out that Debian went from Apache 2.2 to Apache 2.4 with the latest Debian version. And I had to add .conf to my sites file to prevent the Site does not exist message.

So the complete path for the example.com would be:

If you get Site does not exist, just add .conf to your file and Apache will “find” your file. Apache 2.4 require .conf as file type.

Here is complete instruction for adding a new domain. Remember to add .conf to the config file.
And go to Debian official home page to download Debian 8. Look for the installation that suits you. I usually go for the net install versions, and have my own apt proxy server since I usually install quite a few Debian servers.

Happy site existing!