This page is not updated very often. And far from every project is posted here. My basement is full of projects, and maybe a project in itself.

Construct 2:

Feeding Freddy – Fish feeding game. Still in progress.
Ghost Shooter – Simple first test creating an HTML 5 game with Construct. I modified the Simple first tutorial from Scirra. I added sound, background music, respawn when dying, an invulnerable mode for 2 sec after spawning & high score.

iOS Projects

All my ios apps – All my iOS apps on App Store.
Neon Flip – Simple gravity flip game
World of Warships Overview – Easy ship stats on each ship in World of Warships


Flappy Bat – Flappy bird “clone”.  * In Progress *
Monkey Run
– Family project (for me and the kids). Working us through a Stencyl tutorial book.
Number Wizard – Same as in Unity 3D, but this is made with Stencyl.

Unity 3D:

Number Wizard – Simple text game, pick a number and let the computer try to guess it.
 – Simple text adventure made in Unity 3d. Text game 101

Web projects: – Online Weather Display service.
Transocean Winner Wave Data – Live wave data from the drilling rig Transocean Winner. Updated every 3rd minute. Technologies used PHP, Ajax, JSON, MySql, C#, Windows Service, Linux, and SFTP. (OFFLINE)

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