This page is not updated very often. And far from every project is posted here. My basement is full of projects, and maybe a project in itself.

iOS Projects

All my ios apps – All my iOS apps on the App Store.
My Android apps – All my Android apps on Google Play.
Neon Flip – Simple gravity flip game
World of Warships Overview – Easy ship stats on each ship in World of Warships

Unity Projects

Depth ChargesInpiried from the 70s game Depth Charge from Gremlin.
Unity Retro Demo – A 80s style retro intro.

Web Projects – Online Weather Display service.
Transocean Winner Wave Data – Live wave data from the drilling rig Transocean Winner. Updated every 3rd minute. Technologies used PHP, Ajax, JSON, MySql, C#, Windows Service, Linux, and SFTP. (OFFLINE)

Last updated: 05.07.2019

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