Mono Develop (Linux) – Install .net MySql Connector

MonoDevelopLogoHere is how to install a .net MySql connector for Mono Develop for Linux (Tested for Debian Variants).
First we is going to download the connector, and you will find it here:
Just remember to download the right version 😉

After we downloaded it, put it in a folder i.ex: ~/netConnector/
Rename it to Mysql.Data.dll (It is case sensitive)
It has been an issue for years, but when you download the connector it is all lower case. And if you don’t rename the file, it won’t work.

Next  we is going to do is to install it into to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). This is needed for the Mono Develop to be able to use it. In general we put our .net dll’s here.
gacutil /i Mysql.Data.dll
You should be able to find the connector here: /usr/lib/mono/gac/

That’s it really. And it is ready to be used in your Mono Develop projects.

Happy programming!

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