unity animation samples not showing

Unity animation samples not showing? Relax, they did not remove it. They have just hidden it. Not sure why it never bothered me when it was there by default.

As we see the Samples is not there. It took me a few minuttes of google and forum threads to fins the solution. I’m not a Unity expert and would never had found it on my own.

What you need to do is to click the 3 dots after the animation timeline. Like this:

Not the 3 dots next to the lock, but the one under that

That’s what you do when Unity animation samples not showing. I hope you didn’t have to go to this site and find out. But I never knew it was there in the first place. I haven’t checked if it was possible to remove it.

Ever experienced the Unity Curl error 7 too?

At the moment when it was written, Unity Learn Premium is free. Check it out.

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