C# Convert Int to Char

C# convert int to char google search is giving some result which I think is not directly what some people want. Most results are giving instructions on how to convert ascii code to char. If you want to know how to convert an int to char instead of ascii code, here is how you can do it.

If you try to cast an int to char you get the character asuming the integer is ascii code.

int a = 97;
char b = (char)a;
char c = Convert.ToChar(a); // Same as the line above
Console.WriteLine("output: " + b);
Console.WriteLine("output: " + c);

== Output ==
output: a
output: a

But we are not interested in the ascii code. We just want to convert the int to a char. Lets say the int is a one digit number. One way we could do it is by converting the int to a char array and take the first element. Since it is only one digit it will only be one element.

int a = 9;
char b = a.ToString().ToCharArray()[0];
Console.WriteLine("output: " + b);

== Output ==
output: 9

Since all strings are in reality a char array, we can shorten it like this.

int a = 9;
char b = a.ToString()[0];
Console.WriteLine("output: " + b);

== Output ==
output: 9

The C# Documentation about Char. Check out the C# Section.

One wayt of C# convert int to char. If there is a better or more correct way, let me know.

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