Xcode 8 iOS icon sizes overview

Xcode 8 iOS icon sizes overview. There are even more icon sizes since Xcode 7. And it can be an extra challenging with all those different resolutions. Current Xcode (version 8), supports all iPhones since 4s, most iPods, and most iPads. You will need quite a few different icons sizes. That’s what I will list up here. A complete list of all different sizes for the different icons needed for an iOS application used today.

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Xcode 8 iOS icon sizes overview – 17 icons

Xcode 8 iOS icon sizes

Just remember….

If you look at the picture above, you will see something like 29pt under the iPhone spotlight icon. First time I believed that was the icons size. And it is. But not in pixels. Above you see two empty icon windows saying 2x and 3x. That means 29 x 2 for the first window (58×58 pixels) and 29 x 3 for the second icon (87×87 pixels). Just multiply the pt value with x value, and you have the size in pixels. I usually create the largest icon (1024×1024 and uses photoshop (or any other image editing software) to make the smaller resolutions out of the biggest one.

Anyway, below you will find the list for the latest Xcode from when this article was written.

Icon Size list

Xcode 8 iOS icon sizes

iPhone Notification iOS 7-10
20pt – 2x – 40×40
20pt – 3x – 60×60

iPhone Spotlight iOS 5,6 & Settings iOS 5-10
29pt – 2x – 58×58
29pt – 3x – 87×87

iPhone Spotlight iOS 7-10
40pt – 2x – 80×80
40pt – 3x – 120×120

iPhone App iOS 7-10
60pt – 2x – 120×120
60pt – 3x – 180×180

iPad Notification iOS 7-10
20pt – 1x – 20×20
20pt – 2x – 40×40

iPad Settings iOS 5-10
29pt – 1x – 29×29
29pt – 2x – 58×58

iPad Spotlight iOS 7-10
40pt – 1x – 40×40
40pt – 2x – 80×80

iPad App iOS 7-10
76pt – 1x – 76×76
76pt – 2x – 152×152

iPad Pro App iOS 9-10
83,5pt – 2x – 167×167

iTunes Connect
App Icon – 1024×1024

Thats it about iOS icon sizes.

To read more about the subject, check out Apples Xcode documentation.
Or maybe check out my youtube channel.

Happy iconising!

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