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I assume you need to remove search protect virus. Or it’s not really a virus. Just an annoying malware. This is, fortunately, one of the easier malware to remove. Search Protect is not directly harmful, more annoying. Check below on how to remove search protect.

I found this piece of software on my kid’s computer. And it looks like a browser hijacker software. Of course, you will not find it your Programs list in your Control Panel, so there is no obvious uninstaller available to you. However they have been kind enough to provide an uninstaller, you just need to find it first.

Remove Search Protect

The first step is to press ctrl+alt+del and open your Task Manager. Go to the process list, and if you are using Windows 7, click “Show processes from all users”. Your list should now expand into a lot more processes. Look for a process called HPnotify.exe. Right-click and select “Open file location”.

When your file browser window opens, you will see a file called uninstall.exe. Just double click that to run it. Once the installer is completed the HPnotify.exe file should be gone from your process window. Your system is now free from search protect.

That’s it on how to remove search protect from your computer.

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Happy removal!

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