May 8, 2021


How do I find my IP

Network-Ip-Address-iconHow do you find your ip? This is actually a two part question. First do you want your global ip or your local ip?

A global ip is the ip you use on the internet. This ip is provided to you by your internet service provider (ISP). The easiest way for you to find your global ip is to visit

A local ip is the ip on your local (or private) network. The ip your local wifi router (or any other local router) with a DHCP server. DHCP meaning Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. All private or local networks should have ip addresses in these ranges: – – –

But how do I find my local ip?
This depends on what kind of operating system you are using.
On a windows machine, open command line (press the windows key, and type cmd + ) and type in ipconfig + . You should see something like this. IPv4 Address is your local ip.




On a Linux machine open terminal and type ifconfig (you need to be root or using sudo). And you should see something like this. Where is says inet addr is your local ip.



On a unix or a Mac (OS X), open terminal and type netstat -in
And you should see something like this. Here is your local ip.


Happy iping!