Google knows this about you

Google knows this about you

Google knows this about you, and probably a lot more. They are honest about a lot of things, and they share with you some of the information they have about you.

Google knows your profile

When you uses Googles services like Gmail, YouTube, cloud hosting or any other service, Google tries to create a profile of you as a user. Their profile contains age, sex and interests. This is to create a better user experience for you. But mostly to display relevant ads through Google Ads. That is how they make money on you. To display ads that is likely you will click on. To have a look at how Google see you as a user, you can have a look at this link

Google knows where you have been

Today most smartphones have GPS built in. With an Android phone, or any other phone using Google services, your location is registered all the time. It will do that unless you turn off that feature. Unless you have turned of that feature Google will log your position all the time. This is a question your phone will ask you about the first time you turn your phone on. If you are unsure about you settings, you can vist this link have check (or turn it off)

Google knows what you have been searching for

Googles stores everything you have ever searched for in their search engine. Google also stores every Google Ad you have ever clicked on. This is so they can give you an better user experience and of course make more money. Have a look here to see your search history

Google knows what devices that are connected with your account

If you suspect that someone else uses your google account, you can visit this link and see what devices that are connected to your Google account. Visit this link Here you will get an overview of what devices that is connected to your Google account, the ip addresses and where in the world they connected from. You can also change and restrict the different devices have to your account.

Google knows what applications that have access to your data.

Sometimes there can be third party applications that is connected to your Google account. By visiting this link you can get an overview of which applications that is. As with the devices, you can restrict and change the access for the different applications.

Google knows all your data

If you want to have a look for your self, and have a look at all the data Google have about you. You can download it all here You will get an email with an link to a zip file. The zip file contains everything from bookmarks, emails, pictures, YouTube videos an a lot more.

Thats it for now.

Happy Google!

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