Block top level domains with Roundcube

If you run a self-hosted mail server or are using an email service with Roundcube, there an effective way to stop most of your spam. That is to block top level domains in your filter settings.

Some spammers use the new top level domains to send out their massive amounts of spam. Because they are cheap. They rotate the domain names but keep using only a few top level domains. I stopped probably more than 80% of my spam by block top level domains.

If you read my previous article about Roundcube spam filter you are already familiar with how to block top level domains with Roundcube. It is almost the same as blocking domains.

How to Block top level domains

Enter your settings by clicking the settings button in Roundcube. You will find that in the top right corner after you logged in to Roundcube. As before click Filters, then managesiev and then your filter rules (if you made some). Or you can create a new filter set just for top level domains. There are a few things to remember when creating a filter set. So if you haven’t already, go back to my previous article.

We use “from” as we want to block emails “from” top level domains. Then we select “contains” as we want to block emails containing a string found in the domain names. One of the worst top level domains spammers use is “win”. So in the last field, you enter “.win”. Notice the dot before win. If you don’t put in the dot Roudcube will block all email addresses containing win. In the example this one: If you keep the dot before the top level domain name, only emails from the .win will be blocked.

Block top level domains

Block top level domains short list

Here is my list of the 7 worst top domain names you should block to stop most of your spam.

1. Win

2. Top

3. Stream

4. Trade

5. Loan

6. Bid

7. Club

And remember the dot before the name 🙂

This is Spamhaus statistics on top 10 worst top level domains for spammers. Not the same I got on my list. So your spam might come from other top level domains than my spam. You should find them easy enough.

Save your new filter setting, sit back and enjoy a much cleaner inbox.


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