December 3, 2020


Raspberry Pi 3 UAE, emulating Amiga

raspberry pi 3 uae

Raspberry Pi 3 is a great tool for development, engineering, and games. Yes, games. You can run UAE on it to make your Raspberry pi 3 UAE into an Amiga. What every Amiga you like. Even the Raspberry is kind of weak compared to modern desktop computers, it is a lot faster than any Amiga was.

Raspberry Pi 3 UAE, what is it?

There are several different Amiga emulators out there. UAE is the more popular one. UAE comes in lots of different flavors. WinUAE is a great Windows version. FS-UAE is another great version of UAE, especially if you use a Mac. FS-UAE is available for most modern operating systems. I can recommend both of them.

Amiga emulator for Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry pi 3 UAE flavor to use is Uae4Arm. For those who are technically interested, UAE4ARM is on Github. Instead of compiling and install it your self, you should download Amibian. Amibian is a Debian based Raspberry distro made for using your Raspberry as an Amiga.

Where do I get the software I need?

You will, of course, need the Amibian distro for a start. You download that from their Amibian website. The Amiga emulator included, UAE4ARM, will need a few files to be able to emulate an Amiga. Rom files and Kickstarter is needed, and not included with Amibian. The reason is that they are still copyrighted even Commodore imploded in the mid-90s. If you want to buy them you can do so at Amiga Forever website. By using google your should also be able to find them elsewhere. I can’t recommend that since it is illegal.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3, what do I do then?

Download the Amibian operating system first. After that is done you need to make sure you have a Rom file for the Amiga version you want to emulate. In the Commodore days that is from version 1.2 to 3.1. There is another cheaper and legal way to get the Rom and Kickstart files. That is to buy the Android version of Google Play. It cost something like $2. Then you start the video below. That id Dan Wood who is a very dedicated retro and Amiga computer fan. He has a lot of good Amiga related videos on his YouTube channel. Have a look it is worth it.

You can now convert your hardware into a Raspberry Pi 3 UAE, Amiga emulator. If you want your Raspberry Pi 3 UAE to look like an Amiga, check out these 3d printed cases. They are different retro computers that will fit your Raspberry Pi.

Check out my resource page for more emulators and other resources. Or more about how to get your Raspberry connected to wifi. You don’t need to worry about that if using Amibian.

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