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Stop Safari from open downloaded files By default Safari opens all “safe” files automatically you have downloaded. So here is

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Swift String Input When I first started with Swift, I didn’t think that a Swift String Input would be a

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Allow port forwarding to Remote Desktop Using remote desktop from outside your home is a convenient way to work on

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libwww-perl access blocking Libwww-perl access is often used by botnets and other nasty softwares to scan your site for vulnerabilities.

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Disable directory browsing If you have directory browsing enabled, which it is by default, your users can browse the directories

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Having your server include a signature at the end of a web page can be a security risk. So turn

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Site does not exist Did you upgrade to Debian 8 and got Site does not exist? I recently upgraded one

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Add TabView Item in Xcode I’m totally noob when it comes to GUI programming in Xcode. Well, I’m not an

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