Stencyl game folder mac

The default location for your stencyl game folder is /users/username/stencylworks/games
So if your username is john it would be something like /users/john/stencylworks/games

This can easily be changed to something else. If you prefer having them saved somewhere in your Documents folder, you can do that. Just create a folder in your Documents folder. You can do that before, or you can create the folder when you change default stencyl game folder in Stencyl. So if we create a folder called stencylworks in Documents. The complete path would be /users/john/Documents/stencylworks/games

After you have created the new stencyl game folder in Documents, open Stencyl. Don’t open any games. Because you can not change the stencyl game folder when a game is open. Go to preferences and select workspace. At the bottom half at in the preference windows you will see “Workspace Folder”. And you will see the path for where the stencylworks (stencyl game folder) folder is located. Click the view workspace button after the path, to open up the finder window.

If you want to change location, just click the path and you will get a drop down and select “Chose folder”. Then click “Apply changes” at the bottom of the screen. And Stencyl will now ask you if you want to copy all games, kits, logs, etc to your new folder. It is best to answer yes, unless you want to do it manually afterwards.

Thats it for changing default stencyl game folder on a Mac.

If you dont have Stencyl, and you would like to try. You can download it for free from their home page at

You can also watch this youtube video to see how it works:


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