mysql table does not exist

mysql table does not exist

Mysql table does not exist, but it is there. I can see it when I run show databases. Did you manually move your database instead of export and import? Chances are your are using InnoDB tables in your database. If you did, please continue and we might solve the mysql table does not exist issue.

mysql table does not exist

Take a backup of your existing mysql files. Then try to copy over the files starting with ib. Should be at least one ibdata and ib_logfile. Dump all the data with mysqldump, and you can now go ahead and restore the mysql data. Meaning you can copy your other set of ib files back (the ones you backed up). Import the data dumped with mysqldump. You should now have all your databases back in place.

mysql table does not exist – Clean up

Since you copied your database files, the owner of the files belongs to the user used for the copy. Unless you already did, change the ownership back to mysql.
chown mysql:mysql /dabase_directory -R

Also check the permissions against the other permissions. You probably need to change it back to 660.
chmod -R 660 /database_files

Restart your MySQL service

To make sure everything is catched up with your MySQL server, restart the MySQL server.
service mysql restart

See if that didn’t work.

Happy databasing!

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