August 3, 2020


Linux Mint Mono develop is not working after install

Linux Mint Mono Develop

Linux Mint Mono DevelopOn a standard Debian system this is very easy, and should be so on Linux Mint Mono Develop (the Debian version) too. Since you found this page I assume you have already tried to install Mono Develop. Anyway, lets take it from the start. First we run (of course):
apt-get install monodevelop

Then on a normal Debian system it would be ready to run and compile. On Linux Mint Mono Develop there is a few more things to do first. If you try to run Mono Develop at this point, nothing will happen. It doesn’t do anything at this point. So we try this:
apt-get install libmono-cairo2.0-cil

Now your Mono Develop will run just fine. So fire it up, and start a empty C# project, and try to compile the Hello World example. I then got an error saying: could not obtain a c# compiler. c# compiler not found for mono / .net 4.0

It seems like the compiler itself is missing. We will need to add the compiler too since all we got with the mlnodevelop package was the editor. We need a package called mono-gmcs to be able to compile our projects. So run this:
apt-get install mono-gmcs

I don’t understand why Linux Mint could not fix it from the beginning. I hope they get it right in the next version. Linux Mint is one of the better Linux Distros out there. I really enjoy working with Linux Mint.

Now your Linux Mint Mono Develop should be running and able to compile just fine.
To download Linux Mint please go to this page, their official distro page.
The version the call LMDE 2 is the second Debian based version. Based on Debian Jessie (or Debian 8).

Try again, and happy compiling!