Linux Mint map network drive

Linux Mint map network drive is a must if you are into Linux and home servers. Connect to network drive from Linux can be a bit more challenging compared to Windows, but a lot more stable. The only thing you need to do is to add the network location to fstab for automatic connection instead of mounting it for each time.

The cool thing about mounting a network drive in Linux is that you can mount it to be anywhere you like. In this example we will add a folder called Storage and we will me mount it in our home folder.

This is how to map a drive on a Samba server. You need to be root or sudo to do the changes. Open the /etc/fstab file and in this Linux mount example we will add a network drive on Add the line below to the end of your fstab file.

Linux Mint map network drive.

// /home/john/Storage cifs username=john,password=mypassword,noperm,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777,iocharset=utf8,_netdev 0 0

The line above should all be on one line. You will of course need to edit it to match your system. That is how a Linux mount network drive works. To make it active you can just reboot your computer now. You should now see the network location in your home folder. It will also appear when using the df -h command.

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