May 8, 2021


Linux – How to copy files with progress bar

file-copy-iconWhen copying very large files it is sometimes frustrating not having a progress bar. Have the process crashed? or etc…
I´ve tried rsync and various other options, but the most efficient way I found is to use Midnight Commander (mc).

First we need to install it (assuming root or sudo)
apt-get install mc

To start it, just type mc <enter>
If you have used any file manager tool before, this should be really familiar. You have two panes, and you chose your self what is destination and what is source. If will copy from the pane that is currently active to the other one. Anyway, the copy function in MC will show you a progress bar and seems to be quicker than some of the other methods around.

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 17.50.48

Happy copying!