How to disable Siri from lock screen on iphone

How to disable Siri from lock screen

You might know that Siri can be access from lock screen? It is pretty convenient that you dont have to unlock your phone to access Siri. Lets say someone you dont want to have access to your phone got your phone. What if that person asked Siri about your last incoming and outgoing calls? Asked Siri about your last messages? Or your planner and schedule? Siri would give him all that and more. Siri would tell on you to anybody without even knowing your iPhone passcode. How to disable siri from lock screen?

Unless you really need to access Siri from your lock screen, you should close this security hole. It only takes you about 15 seconds to do it. And your privacy would be a lot more secured. In fact disabling Siri from your lock screen is one of four steps to protect your iPhone and privacy. The three others will be in a few later posts.

How to disable Siri from lock screen:
First open your iPhone.
Once one your home screen, enter settings.
Scroll down to Passcode (or Touch ID/Passcode on iPhone 6 and later)
Enter your passcode.
And deselect Siri from the access from lock screen options.

Congratulation, your phone is now a lot more secure. And so is your privacy.
PS! You can still access and use Siri. You just need to enter your passcode to unlock your phone first.

Happy privacy!

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