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Simple trick to use iptables for port forwarding. I use Debian as my OS, but should work on most Linux

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When dealing with lots of Debian installs (or a Debian network), using a package proxy can save you a lot

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Apache can easily host more than one domain. And here is how. We assume the new domain is called

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Here is a tool that can upload files to a ftp host with interval ranging from 1 second to almost

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Minecraft have become unbelievable popular. Simple graphics in a huge sandbox with total freedom seems to do the tricks. We

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Create… Create the virtual machine, named MySQL in this example: VBoxManage createvm –name “MySQL” –register We give it 512MB ram,

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I find Virtualbox easy to work with, and usually stable. For performance I would check out KVM or XEN HVM

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The standard 404 (Page not found) is enough for telling someone the page they are looking for is not there.

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