Swift Remove Trailing Zeros

Swift Remove trailing zeros

Swift Remove Trailing Zeros In Swift remove trailing zeros is needed sometimes. When printing values, and I dont want any trailing zeros, but still need to do…

Mobile Game Engine

Mobile Game Engine List and links

Mobile Game Engine Mobile game engine are an alternative to native application programming. With native languages you need to program the engine your self, or make use…

swift group separator

Swift Group Separator Extension

Swift Group Separator An example about Swift Group Separator. Long numbers can be a bit confusing to read if they dont contain group separator. By default you…

stencyl scrolltext

Stencyl Scrolltext – How to move / scroll text

Stencyl Scrolltext I could not find any tutorials on how to do scroll text with Stencyl. If you have lived as long as me, you might remember…


IPhone TouchID protection

IPhone TouchID protection Is TouchID protection useful or useless? It all depends really. It depends on who you want to protect your iPhone from. If your threat…

iOS Gestures in Swift – How to

iOS Gestures in Swift iOS gestures can be useful in your app. And here is a short demonstration on how to implement iOS gestures in your app….

upload Xcode projects to github

Upload Xcode projects to github

Upload Xcode projects to github Never used github until I started programming in Xcode. And one instructor talked about the importance of upload Xcode projects to github….