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To free up some memory claimed by pagefile, dentries and inodes. Pagefile is virtual memory. Dentries and inodes are used

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Setup a basic LAMP, enables you to host cool web applications. LAMP is Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP (guess Perl

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A few simple steps to install MySQL with remote root access on a Debian system.  Out of the box, as

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Debian Static IP Debian Static IP. If you need to change your IP from Dynamic (DHCP) to static, I have

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Raspberry Wifi Getting the Raspberry pi up and running on your wifi router has a lot of practical uses. One

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You might need a username and password if the proxy is not anonymous. Here is how to connect to both

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Change hostname, domain or FQDN permanently Change hostname, domain or FQDN permanently. Setting the hostname with the hostname command will

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This is the new All servers have been formated and installed from scratch. The articles will be posted again

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