OpenMediaVault Change Admin Password
by ronny

Everything you want to know about OpenMediaVault change admin password. If anyone in addition to you has access to your

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linux mint map network drive
by ronny

Linux Mint map network drive is a must if you are into Linux and home servers. Connect to network drive

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Fritzing tutorial
by ronny

Fritzing tutorial on how to install on Debian or Debian based Linux distributions. Fritzing is available in the Debian repository

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Scrivener grammar check
by ronny

Scrivener grammar check will by default capitalize i for you. That is probably ok if you writing in english. However

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F10 in Midnight Commander
by ronny

Because of the default settings in several Linux Distros you will not be able to use F10 to exit Midnight

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error while installing unity
by ronny

Do you get Error while installing Unity. (Error code: 1)? Some peoples are getting this error and don’t understand why.

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How to remove symbolic link
by ronny

A short tutorial on how to remove symbolic link in Linux, or Softlink. Symbolic links can be removed or deleted

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by ronny

Teamspeak banner is kind of essential if you are running your own Teamspeak server for your guild or team. It

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scp compression
by ronny

Scp compression can speed up SCP file transfer, and sometimes not. To send a file via ssh is practical if

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install php ziparchive
by ronny

PHP ZipArchive is a file archive for zip compression used by many web applications and plugins. How to install PHP

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