by ronny

Teamspeak banner is kind of essential if you are running your own Teamspeak server for your guild or team. It

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scp compression
by ronny

Scp compression can speed up SCP file transfer, and sometimes not. To send a file via ssh is practical if

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install php ziparchive
by ronny

PHP ZipArchive is a file archive for zip compression used by many web applications and plugins. How to install PHP

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teamspeak vs ventrilo
by ronny

Teamspeak vs Ventrilo was the question for several years in the past. The answer? The thing is that is not

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fastest debian mirror
by ronny

The fastest Debian mirror or repository can be found by using a small tool called netselect apt (or netselect-apt as

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debian 9 static ip
by ronny

Setting Debian 9 static IP is not too different from the previous version. You might find the network cards named

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Debian ifconfig
by ronny

Debian ifconfig command not found. Can’t find ifconfig on Debian? You have probably installed a minimum installation without installing the

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locked out of wordpress
by ronny

If you are locked out of WordPress admin panel, what to do or find out what to do. I will

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Change link color Wordpress
by ronny

Change link color WordPress. Sometimes your WordPress default link colors don’t fit very well on your page. There isn’t any

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can't set locale
by ronny

Can’t set locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct! This suddenly appeared on all my servers one day after

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